Start-Up: Surkus - Crowdcasting for Your Event

Start-Up: Surkus - Crowdcasting for Your Event

The app Surkus helps event organisers, brands and locations to easily find attendees who fit the profile for their event.  


Surkus comes in very handy at product launches, brand activation events, movie premiers, sports events, opening ceremonies, etc. If you as an organiser want a certain audience there with a specific profile, you can define such a profile in Surkus, based on interests, demographic information and activities on social media. Surkus sends invitations to registered people who fit this profile. You can very easily register your attendees on Surkus using a link with your Facebook account.  


You pay the people who attend your event. You pay for their presence and you can also ask them to mention your event on social media, use hashtags and post pictures. The geofencing system of the app automatically checks when your attendees enter and leave, how long they stayed and whether they were active on social media. Surkus pays the guests within 30 minutes using PayPal. You as an organiser will receive an invoice for the reimbursements of your attendees. You will also receive a report with pictures of the attendees, the time they spent on the event and their activities on social media. Surkus is available for iOs and Android.  


In this series 'Start-up' we discover starters with an innovative offer which is useful for the event industry.

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