Teambuilding comeback: 10 original company teambuildings

Teambuilding comeback: 10 original company teambuildings

All that working from home has ensured that we have seen little of our colleagues in recent years. Fortunately teambuildings are now possible again and bookings are running rampant.

We went looking for 10 original, exciting or just fun teambuilding activities. From challenging to the classics. You will find them in the list below. Need more inspiration? Discover all company teambuildings in our search engine. Need a handy checklist when organizing your team activity? Then use our free event planning software.

We start with a classic, but one full of adrenaline. Drive a Grand Prix with your colleagues on the in- and outdoor circuit of Inkart:

Looking for a team building activity for large groups? The Box Company has an original offer for groups of up to 2,000 people where challenge, competition, excitement and fun are the basic values of every experience:

Do you want to enjoy yourself on a farm? That is possible at FarmFun. Choose from three crazy programs:

With the wind in your hair? Enjoy a relaxing day with your group (up to 200 people) on a trendy and hip Vespa and discover beautiful regions such as the Lys region, Flemish Ardennes, Meetjesland, Ghent, ...

Sun and sea. What does a man want more? Maybe a team building on the water? Nuquest events provides activities such as offshore powerboating, wave karting, interactive sailing, ...

Jumping out of your roof? This is possible with the inflatable attractions of V-Formation:

Do you dare? At Indoor Skydive Roosendaal you experience the unique feeling of a free fall, without having to jump out of an airplane:

If you conquer this climbing course together with your colleagues, you can take on any challenge at the office. In addition to the climbing course, Ice Mountain Adventure Park also offers paintball and lots of skiing fun.

A program completely tailored to your company? Ecco La Luna helps you on your way:

Prefer something tasteful? How about a cocktail workshop at Miraeus Cocktails?

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