EventCoin is the all-in-one payment and ordering system for festivals, events and catering. Through the payment app, visitors order faster, easier and more efficiently than ever! With our system we contribute to a streamlined and problem-free event. We do this by speeding up and facilitating actions of both the visitor and the organizer. Because we offer an all-encompassing payment and ordering system, arranging payments and orders is a piece of cake.

The efficient and revenue-increasing payment app provides insight into purchasing behavior and can be optimally used for every scenario at events, festivals and catering. In addition, the fast processing at the bar ensures a better visitor experience and a higher turnover . Visitors no longer have to queue to buy coins or balance, but can top up their balance anywhere in the app.

Visitors can buy coins after logging in to the relevant event. They then put together their order in the menu list, after which a QR code appears. Behind the bar, the staff has scanners with which the QR code can be scanned, after which the visitor's order becomes visible on the scanner. The order can be made and the coins are automatically debited. Because all actions are the responsibility of the visitor, a bar employee can process an order up to 2x as quickly .

In short, no hassle for you as an organizer and a better experience for your visitors.

Technical developments make payment at events and festivals easier!
10 March 2022

Do you already work with a cashless payment system at your festival? Or do you still use the 'old' physical coin system? The cashless payment system is emerging and has many advantages for your festival. What kind of security can the cashless payment system offer for your festival?


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Events and catering can start again with appropriate payment and order solutions!
02 March 2022

Due to the upcoming relaxation, events and catering can be closed again. Both sectors are struggling with a staff shortage, but want to go for maximum staffing and turnover. This is understandable, but how do you realize something like that?

With a cashless payment and ordering system you can get a lot more done in a shorter time. By removing ...

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