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Aces is a unique, hip and dynamic cover band with only great music from the past and present. We are four top singers and singers and together we ensure that the atmosphere is immediately good! The big advantage is that we work completely wireless. We can move throughout the hall or business space and dance among your guests or partygoers.

Our formulas:

1. Dinner & Party

With this formula we start with a 45 'dinner set. The singers pop up one by one and walk among the guests while they eat quiet background music. To the music of Adele, Michael Bublé and Marvin Gaye, your guests can get to know who Aces is and what they do. Do you have to dance? Absolutely not, we provide a pleasant relaxed atmosphere where you can dine and talk with the table companions. Is it allowed to dance? Always! Then they bring a 60 'party set. From the first song they do everything to attract the guests to the dance floor. A gigantic mix of the biggest hits and all that tailored!

Would you like the pumping contemporary hits of Dua Lipa, Major Lazor and Clean bandit or rather the timeless classics of Barry White, Stevie Wonder and Meatloaf? If you can't choose yourself, we will provide an appropriate mix that perfectly suits your guests! One thing is certain: there will be a party!

2. Double dinner

The formula is ideal for wedding receptions, network events or any event where you want just a little more than a DJ, but the atmosphere can be very non-committal. In two sets of 45 minutes each, the singers of Aces walk among the guests.

The music of Elton John, Billy Joel and Paul Simon create a pleasant atmosphere where no one is obliged to listen, but everyone can enjoy a moment. Do you want a subtle touch to give your event that little bit extra cachet? Then this is the perfect formula for you.

3. Party 90 '

You don't want warming at all, just pop immediately? Then you must have this formula! In 90 minutes aces conjures an unforgettable party on your dance floor. From Black Eyes Peas and Beyoncé via Claude François past Martin Solveig to Kings of Leon and Pharrell Williams immediately through to Prince to finish at Queen!

Do you want to catch your breath? No time, because they are already starting their second medley of the biggest hits and it is even more exciting than the previous one! Dance shoes on and howl from start to finish.

Is your audience ready?
24 September 2021

It remains surprising when one by one our artists appear on the small 1 by 1 meter stages spread across the hall.

While your guests dine quietly, our 4 artists enchant the room with beautiful singing voices and the unique sounds of the saxophone. Sometimes a solo, then a duet and then again heavenly with 4. They really can do ...

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4 reviews on Aces - 10/10

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Bart Van Zele

Everyone along

Outside Box only surprised by the way they come up. Not all together on a stage, but their music suddenly resounds from all sides of the hall. In between, they simply move between the audience and thus ensure a great involvement of the audience. An absolute top set; they know very well how to deal with an audience!

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Krist Dumortier

Party at Rexel Roeselare on March 16, 2018

Outside Box has set the atmosphere during the dinner in a very pleasant, original and professional way and started the party during the party mix. The 4 singers did an amazingly well! The customers were surprised how they performed the act!
After prior discussion, everything was discussed down to the last detail. The program, the choice of music, the desired volume during the dinner where the customer was the main focus, the ambiance they brought in preparation for the DJ, ... Great!
For my part, Outside Box can bring the ambiance to a Rexel party in the future.
Our customers have since given a lot of positive reactions and this is a great bonus for Rexel.
In short, an evening not to forget!

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Marco Wuytens
Expert|Wuytens Bvba|

Outside Box Mobile Live Band at 10th Anniversary Wedding Party

By having this band perform at our wedding, we had a totally different concept than a DJ. It's much more personal, more intense and they really set the mood.
They do this incredibly well. In the beginning, nobody realized that this was live. Because they just walked through the audience.

Really recommended for any party. Will definitely do this again.

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Andy Van Bruwaene

top performance

Outside Box was able to insert the ambiance very smoothly.

The performance was loved by the entire audience.

So great!

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