Eventure - Creative consultants on a mission

Eventsure is a quality standard in events and creative project management.


…assist with advice, design and implementation

…managing projects with a hands-on approach

…share our knowledge through training and workshops

…create concepts, experiences and spaces

We are a collective of creative open minds and specialists who bring your bold ideas to life with a progressive vision. We believe in creativity, originality and authenticity as drivers of positive impact on your event, space, organization and society.

A selection of our services:

  • consultancy on events, building projects for halls, event areas, among other things in the context of municipal policy and legislation
  • safety advice through safety coordination, preparation of safety plans and permits
  • crowd, safety and event management
  • talks & training through presentations, training and tailor-made training
  • design & implementation of decor, light, sound and other furnishing works such as stages, bars,...
  • the realization of accessibility at events and in buildings
  • construction: construction, demolition, realisation, the 'make it happen' of events
  • the ad-hoc offering of specialized builders, carpenters, installation designers and other technical profiles

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